Program at Glance

Day 0

03:00 PM - 07:00 PM Oculoplasty Pre-Conference Workshop Biratnagar Eye Hospital
07:00 PM Dinner

Day 1

Time Hall 1 Hall 2
07:00 AM - 09:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM Lunch Break
03:00 PM - 03:10 PM AI SESSION
03:10 PM - 03:15 PM Tea Break

Day 2

Time Hall 1 Hall 2
08:30 AM - 10:00 AM Orbit & Oculoplasty SESSION FREE PAPER SESSION
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Tea Break
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM Nepalese Journal of Ophthalmology (NepJOPH) SESSION UPSOS SESSION
01:45 PM - 02:45 PM Lunch Break
03:45 PM - 04:45 PM AGM - NOS
04:45 PM Closing Ceremony

Cataract Session

(Duration: 105 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Control of active fluidics in cataract surgery: Surgery videos Prof. Dr. Suman S Thapa  8 mins
2 Biometry decoded  Dr. Shibashis Das  8 mins
3 Avoiding Argentinian flag sign (KEYNOTE) Dr. Shivnath Das  8 mins
4 Refractive cataract surgery Dr. Shweta Tapariya 8 mins
5 Femto-laser assisted cataract surgery (KEYNOTE) Dr. Ratish Chandra Paul 8 mins
6 Exploring Newer Skylines after Refractive surprises, Post-operative Dr. Sudipta Mitra 8 mins
7 Oops with IOL  Dr. Sugato Paul 8 mins
8 EDOF & Acriol Toric Dr. S.K Mitra 10 mins
9 Cataract Surgery Outcome monitoring Dr. Rakshya Panta 8 mins
10 Cataract Surgery in camp settings Dr. Suresh Pant 8 mins
11 Refractive Surgery with Trifocal IOLs Dr. Kishore Pradhan 8 mins
  Question and Answer Session  
  Total Time 105 mins

Cornea & Refractive Surgery Session

(Duration: 90 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Strategic approach for diagnosis and management of microbial keratitis (KEYNOTE) Dr Sujata Das 10 mins
2 Management of corneal graft complications (KEYNOTE) Dr. Ashiyana Nariani 10 mins
3 How to do centration for keratoplasty Prof. Mahfooz Hussain 10 mins
4 Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty: Surgical Technique, challenges and tips for successful outcome Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh 10 mins
5 Comparing high and low energy outcomes on day one for Smart Sight myopic-astigmatism treatments with the SCHWIND ATOS4 Dr. Kishore Pradhan 10 mins
6 CXL - A new hope for keratoconus patients Dr. Rajashree Das 6 mins
7 Outcome of therapeutic peneterating keratoplasty in a tertiary eye hospital in Nepal Dr. Manish Pandey 6 mins
8 Spectrum Of Microbial Keratitis in the Mid-western region of Nepal Dr Jyoti Sapkota 6 mins
9 Chemical Burns – How to optimize the clinical outcome Dr Rajshekhar Paul 10 mins
10 Clinical evaluation of corneal endothelium and central corneal thickness before and after cataract surgery Dr. Poonam Shrestha 6 mins
12 A comparative study of topical anesthetic agent in Pterygium surgery  Dr. Leesha Shrestha 6 mins
  Total Time   90 mins

Vitreo Retina Session

(Duration: 90 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Myopic Macuopathy: Who, Why and When? Dr. Ashma Manandhar 8 mins
2 Anti-VGEF :Current and Future (KEYNOTE) Dr. Shivendra Sahey  15 mins
3 Journey of Wet AMD Management Dr. Sanyam Bajimaya 8 mins
4 OCT biomarkers in the management of DME   Dr. Santosh Chaudhary 8 mins
5 Clinical characteristics of proliferative diabetic retinopathy and outcome of pars plana vitrectomy in proliferative diabetic retinopathy Dr. Raba Thapa 8 mins
6 Tips and Tricks of Vitrectomy in Diabetic Vitreous Hemorrhage with TRD Dr. Santosh Kumar  8 mins
7 ROP: Are we on the right track?       Dr. Lalit Agarwal 8 mins
8 Pediatric Surgical retina : Conquer it like a Pro Dr. Abhishek Ananad 8 mins
9 Severity and awareness of diabetic retnopathy at a teritary Eye care center in the mid-Western region of Nepal Dr. Santosh Subedi 8 mins
  Total Time   90 mins

AI Session

(Duration: 10 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 The Role of AI in Ophthalmology Mukesh Sinha 15 mins

Glaucoma Session

(Duration: 90 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Revolutionizing Glaucoma treatment: Advancements & Impact of Minimally invasive Surgical Techniques (KEYNOTE) Dr. Suneeta Dubey 15 mins
2 “A need for survival”- from Trabeculectomy, Bleb revision, Bleb needling to Glaucoma Implant - A case discussion Prof. Dr. Suman S Thapa 10 mins
3  Surgical management of challenging cases of angle closure glaucoma: video presentation Dr. Indira Paudyal 8 mins
4 Hypertension and POAG  Prof. Dr. Dakki Sherpa 6 mins
5 Changes in anterior chamber angle parameters following laser peripheral iridotomy and cataract surgery in primary angle closure suspects Dr. Deekshya Malla 6 mins
6 Correlation between disc damage likelihood scale and vertical cup disc ratio with Automated Humphrey Perimetry in glaucoma patients attending a tertiary care hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal Dr. Pranisha Singh 6 mins
7 Management of cataract in glaucoma patients  Dr. Bhaskar Jha 6 mins
8 Severity of glaucoma at diagnosis: Experience from Himalaya Eye Hospital Dr. Anil Parajuli 6 mins
9 Cutaneous melanin and glaucoma: a case control study Prof. Dr. Nanda Gurung 6 mins
10 Dealing with bleb infection  Dr. Madhu Thapa 6 mins
11 Mastering trabeculectomy Dr. Maitreyee Das 6 mins
  Discussion   9 mins
  Total Time   90 mins

Orbit & Oculoplasty Session

(Duration: 90 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Appetizer: Nepal Thyroid Eye Registry (Nep TED) - Our journey Dr. Sabita Palikhe 8 mins
2 Soup: Time to think twice!! Can it be lymphoma??? Dr. Prerna Arjyal Kafle 8 mins
3 Main course:    
  a) Canaliculo-dacryocystorhinostomy Surgery in Nepal: Surgical success and Patient Satisfaction  Dr. Suresh Rasaily 8 mins
  b) Revival of the myoconjunctival enucleation technique  Dr. Hom Bahadur Gurung 8 mins
  c) Lid and ocular surface tumors  Dr. Anirban Bhaduri 8 mins
  d) Surface and lid complications of steven Johnson syndrome Dr. Prabrisha Banerjee 8 mins
  e) Facial nerve palsy: cause and effect- with a special focus on the ocular surface sequelae Dr. MD Shahid Alam 8 mins
4 Today's special:     
  b) Flaps and Grafts in Oculoplastic Surgery: Tips and pitfalls Dr. Ben Limbu 8 mins
  c) Doing things differently in Oculoplasty Dr. Aashish Raj Pant 8 mins
5 Dessert : Toxins Dr. Diwa Lamichhane  8 mins
  Total Time   90 mins

Pediatric Ophthalmology Session

(Duration: 90 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Strabismus in children (KEYNOTE) Dr Suma Ganesh 15 mins
2 Diagnosis and management of MED (KEYNOTE) Dr Subhash Dadeya 15 mins
3 Sleep pattern in blind and visually impaired children compared to normally sighted peers Dr Srijana Adhikari 6 mins
4 Visual function among amblyopic patients Prof Dr Sabina Shrestha 6 mins
5 Diagnosis and management of partially accommodative esotropia at Sagarmatha Chaudhary eye Hospital Dr Sanjay K Singh 6 mins
6 Visual Outcome of Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Children 8 years and older Dr Kabindra Bajracharya 6 mins
7 What and How on Myopia Dr Pawan Shrestha 6 mins
8 Causes of childhood blindness and visual impairment in children of four integrated school for blind in Nepal Dr Samata Sharma 6 mins
9 Ocular manifestations in children with special needs presenting to an Eye Hospital in Central Nepal Dr Manisha Shrestha 6 mins
10 Refractive status after intended under correction of IOL power during pediatric cataract surgery Dr Nita Sunam Gamal 6 mins
  Discussion   12 mins
  Total Time   90 mins

Uveitis & Neuro-Ophthalmology Session

(Duration: 60 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
Uveitis Session (30 mins)
1 Serpiginous Like Choroditis in a 10 year old child  (KEYNOTE) Dr. Debasis Das 8 mins
2 Pitfalls in the management of uveitis cases   Dr. Anu Manandhar 8 mins
3 Mistaken identity in uveitis Dr. Gyanendra Lamichhane  8 mins
Neuro-ophthalmology (30mins)
1 Signs you do not want to miss (KEYNOTE) Dr. Rashmin Gandhi 10 mins
2 Ice Pack test in management of Myasthenia Gravis Dr. Bikram Thapa 6 mins
3 What’s new in optic Neuritis  Dr. Rashmin Gandhi 10 mins
  Discussion   10 mins
  Total Time   60 mins

WOW, Nepal Chapter Session

(Duration: 60 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Challenges as Women ophthalmologists: WOW the way ahead (KEYNOTE) Dr. Mohita Sharma 12 mins
2 Women Ophthalmologists in Nepal Dr. Indira Paudyal 10 mins
3 A journey as women Ophthalmologist Prof. Dr. Meenu Chaudhary 10 mins
4 Work Life Balance Dr. Rakshya Panta 6 mins
5 Challenges as women Ophthalmologist in Private Dr. Sabita Palikhe 8 mins
6 Networking Dr. Eli Pradhan 5 mins
  Discussion / Audience   9 mins
  Total Time   60 mins

Plenary Session

(Duration: 60 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Predicting severity of diabetic retinopathy through SNPs (Single Nucleotide Mutation )  Prof. Mahfooz Hussain  12 mins
2 ACOIN Dristi Rath Yatra in Indian Subcontinent – The ideal way for awareness towards Prevention of Avoidable / Curable Blindness Dr. Swapna Samanta  12 mins
3 Changing scenario of cataract surgery in last 3 decades and challenges ahead? Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh 12 mins
4 Collaborations beyond Ophthalmology-a medical volunteer’s experience Prof. Dr. Suman S Thapa 12 mins
5 Scientific publications in Nepal: Ophthalmic perspective Prof. Dr. Badri P Badhu 12 mins
  Total Time   60 mins

NepJOph Session

(Duration: 60 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Research ideas and questions         Prof. Dr. Badri P Badhu 6 mins
  a.Generating research ideas and converting them in to research questions
2 Conceptualizing research  Prof. Dr. Gehanath Baral  12 mins
  a. Research design 
  b. Study population and sampling 
  c. Data collection and analysis 
3 Manuscript writing                          Prof. Dr. Suman S Thapa  12 mins
  a. Basic structure
  b. How to prepare a stand-out manuscript 
4 Publishing ethics : Plagiarism and self-plagiarism, ethical considerations and bias, COI and authorship, using AI for manuscript  Dr. Aashish Raj Pant  6 mins
5 Choosing an appropriate journal : Factors to consider when choosing a journal, Understanding impact factor journal rankings, Open access and other models, journal submission guidelines  Dr. Eli Pradhan  6 mins
6 What happens after submission? After acceptance?Understanding the peer review process, responding to reviewer comments,Research dissemination, Moving forward to next study  Dr. Purushottam Joshi  6 mins
  Discussion   7 mins
  Total Time   55 mins

UPSOS International Session

(Duration: 60 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Aligned Chopping in Cataract surgery Dr. Dharmendra Nath 8 mins
2 Single step transepithelial PRK Dr. Mohita Sharma 8 mins
3 FLACS-My Experience Dr. Shashank Kumar 8 mins
4 Anterior Vitrectomy: a boon for cataract surgeons Dr. Navendu Rai 8 mins
5 Small Pupil Phaco made easy using low cost made in India Pupil Expander Dr. Ankit Agrawal 6 mins
6 Pachychoroid spectrum Dr. Sameeksha Agrawal 6 mins
7 Needle stick injuries in a tertiary eye care hospital: Incidence, Management, outcomes and recommendations. Dr Anurag Kashyap 6 mins
8 Correlation between severity of POAG and platelet parameters. Dr Archara Yadav 6 mins
  Discussion   4 mins
  Total Time   60 mins

Quality Session

(Duration: 60 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 Quality Journey of Biratnagar Eye Hospital Dr. Rakshya Panta 8 mins
2 Quality monitoring - Audit Dr. Suneeta Dubey 12 mins
3 Your first few steps in improving patient safety and quality of care Dr. Samina Zamindar 30 mins
  Discussion   10 mins
  Total Time   60 mins

YO Session

(Duration: 45 mins)

sn Topics Speakers Duration
1 YO LEADERSHIP: Youth in leadership Dr. Tejsu singh Malla 15 mins
2 YO FUTURE: Residency and what next? Dr. Amit kumar Yadav 15 mins
3 YO PANNEL DISCUSSION Dr. Tejsu Singh Malla
Dr. Amit Kumar Yadav
Prof. Dr. Meenu Chaudhary
Dr. Purushottam Joshi
15 mins
  Total Time   45 mins

Organized by

Nepal Ophthalmic Society

Hosted by

Biratnagar Eye Hospital